WPT GTO Trainer Hands of the Week: 3-Betting at a Final Table

WPT GTO Trainer Hands of the Week: 3-Betting at a Final Table

Today you’ll be playing at a major tournament final table with large pay jumps and six players left. Due to the presence of short stacks at the table, larger stacks can put significant pressure on medium stacks.

In this spot, the player on the Button raises to 2 Big Blinds on a 30BB stack and you reraise to 8 Big Blinds on a 50BB stack. Your range will be very polarized here, consisting of very premium hands such as JJ+, AKo, AQs+ as well as preflop semi-bluffs with high card blockers such as A4o and K3o.

Your opponent’s range will be very narrow and consist of medium pocket pairs 55-99, suited and offsuit broadway hands such as QTs+, AJo, KQo and some suited Aces such as A5s-A9s.

Since ranges are so well defined, you’ll be able to make specific adjustments postflop on certain board textures. For example, medium card flops connect very well with your opponent’s range, so pure c-bet bluffs on those flops won’t be profitable.

The other factor to consider here is the extremely small stack to pot ratio (SPR). With 17.5BBs in the pot and 22BBs behind, there is often only 1 street of betting. You have 2 c-bet sizes to choose from, either 25% pot or all-in. Generally you can use the 25% pot option when you choose to c-bet, but there are lower card flops where certain parts of your range will want to use the all-in sizing to maximize your EV.

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