Will Jessica Lange Be In 'The Politician' Season 2? Get Ready To Cry

If you’re anything like me, you devoured all of the first season of Netflix’s The Politician as quickly as possible. The dramedy series from TV mastermind Ryan Murphy is insanely watchable. It’s filled with countless twists and turns, and a wicked sense of humor. Another aspect of the show makes it just so exciting to watch is its talented cast, which is comprised of an enticing mix of Hollywood legends and young stars on the rise. One such legend is Jessica Lange, who lights up the screen in Season 1. But fans are wondering: will Jessica Lange be in The Politician Season 2? Fans might have seen the last of her in Season 1. Warning: Spoilers for Season 1 of The Politician follow.

Lange plays Dusty Jackson, the grandmother of high school student and apparent cancer patient Infinity Jackson (Zoey Deutch). When Payton Hobart (Ben Platt) recruits Infinity to be his running mate in a super-intense senior class president race, he learns that everything in Inifnity’s life might not be exactly as it seems and it’s all thanks to her manipulative grandmother. Dusty drives a lot of the drama in Season 1, but when Entertainment Weekly asked Lange if she’ll be back for Season 2, she answered, “I don’t think so.”


By the end of Season 1 of The Politician, Infinity learns that she’s suffering from Munchausen syndrome by proxy, meaning that Dusty has convinced her that she’s sick when she really isn’t. Dusty gets arrested for putting Infinity through unnecessary suffering because of her imaginary “cancer.” In Murphy’s TV shows, truly anything is possible, including a character making a comeback after an arrest like that. But even still, Lange doesn’t think such a comeback is in the cards for Dusty. She told EW, “Dusty’s not one of those that has a second act. As Fitzgerald says, ‘There’s no second act in America.’ Especially for her.”

Fans of The Politician will be sad to learn that there probably won’t be anymore of Dusty’s story in future seasons. But, the good news is that Lange will continue to be a part of Murphy’s cinematic universe. Lange previously starred in several seasons of American Horror Story, and she played Joan Crawford in Feud: Bette and Joan. Next, she’ll play classic Hollywood star Marlene Dietrich in a series produced by Murphy.

A lot of Lange’s characters, including Dusty, are women with forgotten dreams. She said to EW:

Ryan, I’m not saying he tailors things specifically for me, but they do to a certain degree know what I like to do, know what I can do, know that I’m attracted to those bigger than life moments and emotions, to characters who are teetering on the edge, who are on the verge of madness or whatever.

Dusty certainly is on the verge of some kind of madness, but unfortunately fans probably won’t get to see anymore of it. They’ll just have to imagine the kind of “bigger than life moments” Dusty is going through behind bars.

Season 1 of The Politician is on Netflix now.

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