When Will 'After We Collided' Be On Netflix? Here's What We Know

In 2019, Netflix users fell head over heels for the movie adaptation of a One Direction stan’s fanfic, and now the sequel is about to come to the U.S. But although the follow-up to After will be available through on-demand services, it’s still not clear when or even if the new movie will hit Netflix. The question on every fan’s mind right now is when will After We Collided be on Netflix, so here’s everything we know about the possible release timetable:

After We Collided will premiere in movie theaters and on video-on-demand simultaneously on Friday, Oct. 23, but the VOD premiere does not include Netflix. That’s not a surprise, considering After didn’t debut on Netflix until about six months after its theatrical premiere; the first film was released in theaters on April 19, 2019, and then popped up on Netflix on Oct. 9, 2019. It’s possible the sequel could follow the same release schedule and hit Netflix in April of 2021, but the issue is, Netflix has not yet confirmed the service has streaming rights for After We Collided.

As noted by the blog What’s on Netflix, After We Collided is actually being distributed in the U.S. by a different production company than After was. Netflix acquired the U.S. streaming rights for After from Aviron Pictures, but the sequel is instead being distributed by Voltage Pictures. Because neither Netflix nor Voltage Pictures have announced anything about an After We Collided streaming deal, it’s unclear whether the new movie will follow in After‘s digital footsteps.

Although nothing is confirmed, it does seem likely that Netflix will work out a deal with Voltage Pictures to stream After We Collided. Both the streamer and the production company will probably want to keep the movie series’ streaming home consistent. Plus, Netflix acquired the streaming rights for a couple of Voltage’s recent releases — 2018’s Between Worlds and 2019’s Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile — so it’s likely there’s a good rapport between the two companies.

So basically, there’s some good news and bad news for After We Collided fans who want to stream the new movie on Netflix: The good news is that although nothing is confirmed, the film will likely land on Netflix. The bad news is that there will be a bit of a wait before you can stream it, since it likely won’t hit Netflix until a few months into 2021.

But you don’t have to wait for Netflix to add the new movie. After We Collided will hit theaters and video-on-demand in the U.S. on Friday, Oct. 23.

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