UCP, parties applying for federal wage subsidy program

The United Conservative Party, as well as four federal parties, have announced that they are receiving the federal wage subsidy or intend to apply for it. According to the UCP, it is applying for the program to cover employees’ salaries as donations to the party have dwindled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“As we had previously noted, our fundraising opportunities have been restricted during the pandemic and we have lost fundraising events in our 2020 calendar due to the restrictions on gatherings,” UCP director of communications Evan Menzies said in a statement.

Political parties as non-profit entities are eligible to apply for the subsidy.

Alberta NDP provincial secretary Brandon Stevens has said that the party does not intend to apply for the subsidy at this time.

Among federal parties, the Liberals, NDP, Conservative Party and Green Party have confirmed that they are seeking funds from the aid program.

However, the Bloc Québécois have criticized the other parties for applying for the funding, saying that the Bloc has less money, but isn’t planning to apply for the benefit.