Two ‘Israeli suicide drones’ crash & explode in Beirut, Lebanon’s Hezbollah claims

An explosion rocked the Lebanese capital just as Israel was bombing ‘Iranian targets’ in Syria. The blast was the result of an ‘Israeli drone attack’ in which one UAV crashed and another prematurely exploded, Hezbollah claims.

A small drone failed to detonate and crashed in the southern suburb of Beirut, while a second drone exploded near the militant group’s media center, damaging the building, a Hezbollah spokesperson told news agencies. No casualties were reported from the incidents, which the organization immediately blamed on Israel.

Unverified pictures surfaced online showing debris resembling a quad-copter similar to drones used by Israel for surveillance and the deployment of tear gas in Gaza border clashes. Israel has yet to confirm carrying out any operations against Hezbollah, which it considers a terrorist organization closely allied with Iran.

Hours earlier, however, the IDF admitted to carrying out a raid in Syria, claiming it had targeted Iranian-linked forces ironically suspected of planning a “large-scale attack of multiple killer drones.”

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RT – Daily news