Tulsa PD remove protester in ‘I can’t breath’ T- shirt from Trump’s campaign rally for trespassing

A Black Lives Matter activist has been removed from Donald Trump’s campaign event in Tulsa, Oklahoma. While the protester claimed to have a ticket to the event, police said letting people in was up to the organizers’ discretion.

A woman donning a black t-shirt reading “I can’t breathe” was removed from the grounds of the rally on Saturday.

The woman was sitting on the ground when police officers approached her and asked her to leave, footage from the scene shows. The protester said she had a ticket for the rally, yet she was promptly cuffed and led away.

The woman, identified as Sheila Buck, was removed from the rally at the request of the Trump campaign’s staff, local police said in a statement.

The incident prompted an angry reaction online, with many flocking to the Tusla police social media to condemn their actions. Critics accused officers of violating the protester’s 1st Amendment rights.

Facing backlash, police had to further elaborate on the incident, explaining that the protester was in a “private event area” and it was the campaign staff’s right to ask for people to be removed.

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