Tori Spelling denies Shannen Doherty feud rumours

Tori Spelling has shot down long-standing reports suggesting she and her Beverly Hills, 90210 castmate Shannen Doherty were anything but friends on the set of the TV drama.

The alleged beef became the stuff of TV legend, but Spelling insists it was all just gossip and she and Shannen never fell out.

Appearing on her husband Dean McDermott’s podcast Daddy Issues on Monday, Tori said, “We were really close on the show. She was one of my best friends. And then when she left the show, there were, like, all these, like, press things that came out, like, this rivalry, and it was never with us!”

The actress, who decided it was best not to address the gossip at the time, also insists she and Doherty are still pals today as they embark on new spinoff mini-series BH90210 with castmates like Jennie Garth and Brian Austin Green.

“The press makes what they want and you don’t want to say anything because you’re told, like, ‘Don’t say anything.’ It doesn’t really go away,” she added. “She’s (Doherty) great. I saw her recently. She’s an awesome person.”

Spelling revisited her time on the show with the former Charmed star during a 2015 TV segment, revealing she was partly responsible for her friend’s firing from the show, explaining she reported a physical altercation between Shannen and Garth to her father, executive producer Aaron Spelling, shortly before the actress was sacked.

“I felt like I was a part of something, a movement, that cost someone their livelihood,” Spelling shared through tears. “Was she a horrible person? No. She was one of the best friends I ever had.”

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