Texas boy, 7, raises $22K selling hot cocoa for Trump’s wall

A seven-year-old Texas boy has raised more than $ 22,000 to help build U.S. President Donald Trump’s border wall.

And he did so by selling hot chocolate.

In December, non-profit group We Build the Wall Inc. started a GoFundMe campaign. The group has since raised more than $ 22.9 million to go towards building Trump’s border wall.

Benton Stevens, 7, from Austin, Texas is now one of the campaign’s biggest donors through his hot chocolate sales at $ 2 per cup.

Benton plans on doubling his donation by selling lemonade during the summer, according to news outlet WBNS.

The seven-year-old was invited to a ceremony where he cut the ribbon on a section of the wall.

The Stevens family attended Trump’s inauguration back in 2017.

Benton’s parents, Shane and Jennifer Stevens, say this was what sparked their son’s support for the president.

While there are many who support Benton, he has upset some while selling beverages.

One man even reportedly called him a “little Hitler.”

The We Build the Wall Inc. campaign hit a roadblock when served with a cease and desist order from the local government.

But now they insist they have all the necessary permits and approvals and that the wall follows their local laws.

Just like Benton, the group is not finished with its goal.

They intend on raising more funds to expand sections of the wall on private properties along the Mexican border.

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