Ron Perlman has ‘violently mixed feelings’ about the new ‘Hellboy’

Actor Ron Perlman is not happy about the new Hellboy movie because he feels it has prevented director Guillermo Del Toro completing his trilogy – with him as the star.

Perlman played Mike Mignola’s graphic novel character in the first two Hellboy movies, both directed by the Oscar winner, but Stranger Things star David Harbour has stepped in to play Hellboy in Neil Marshall’s new film – and the veteran actor is not thrilled.

“I have mixed feelings, really mixed feelings, violently mixed feelings, because of the fact that Guillermo fought for seven years to get me to be the Hellboy against all odds, and against all wishes of the studios, he really had doors slammed in his face for seven years by wanting to have me do it,” Ron tells the Daily Mail.

“So the fact that we got it made and then we got a second one made, and then the second one was so set up for the third one there seemed to be a natural trajectory to the evolution of this title.

“When we fell short of getting the third one made and the producers found a way to continue using the title, but in a completely different way, I found that to be going against the tides of the universe, and so I said I’ll wait for Guillermo to want to finish the trilogy, that’s the only thing I’m interested in doing… The only thing that’s important to me is to finish what we started, which is the third film, so those are my thoughts.”

The 68-year-old adds, “I put up a very public fight to try to whip everybody into saying it was Hellboy 3 or nothing, and I found out it wasn’t Hellboy 3 or nothing; it was Hellboy 3 or somebody just wanting to go into a different direction.”

But Perlman has no ill will towards the new Hellboy star, revealing he met Harbour for dinner just before filming started.

“I told him to have a lot of fun because if you can’t have fun playing Hellboy then you shouldn’t be in the business,” Ron recalls. “I still wish him well. He seems like a really good guy.”

The new Hellboy movie opens on Friday.

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