P.K. Subban and Lindsey Vonn serve up action, but not Sting: Stargazing

The action is in the stands at the French Open! Lindsey Vonn and Toronto’s P.K. Subban, still in their relationship’s headiest days, would happily freshen up each other’s mouths. Whereas Sting has been married for decades. (Backgrid photos)

They say young people are having less sex than ever, and some of that surely comes from taking their fashion cues from Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin. (Backgrid)

Wary of a public meltdown, Taylor Swift affects delight at the paparazzi taking photos of her while she’s sweaty at the gym, then gratefully hugs the man who has agreed to murder them. (Backgrid)


Hoda Kotb fears Count von Count, not because he’s a vampire, but because he might make her do math. John Oliver, however, enjoys the company of his fellow one-dimensional characters. (Getty)

I hope Tori Spelling’s awkward moment while filming the new 90210 doesn’t reduce your expectations about the series. You should never, ever have had any. (Backgrid)

To prepare for his role as honorary co-starter (with Matt Damon) of the Indianapolis 500, Christian Bale spent six months of research pretending to be a guy who likes this sort of thing, or who likes people generally. (Getty)

Kim Kardashian uses her pants to ask “What Would Jesus Do?” in an earnest belief that the answer might be “wear clothes with religious slogans emblazoned across the crotch.” (Backgrid)

Miley Cyrus and Jenny Lewis aim to set you free by putting your longstanding crushes on them to the test. (Backgrid)

Once upon a time, at a restaurant, a supervisor wrote up Taron Egerton for not wearing enough pieces of flair, and it haunts him still. (Getty)


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