Massive fire engulfing an apartment complex is filmed from all over downtown St. Paul, Minnesota

A huge blaze has erupted at a construction site in downtown St. Paul, the capital of Minnesota. The flames can be seen for miles and have been recorded by onlookers from all over the city center.

The city’s fire department tweeted that the crews on site had to spray the building from the outside “because of the advanced stage of the fire.” However, no one was inside the structure and no deaths or injuries have been reported.

The building that caught on fire on Tuesday morning is a hotel with an apartment complex called ‘St. Paul Gateway Site.’ It is still under construction and is located near the Xcel Energy Center arena.

Videos shared on social media show flames rising high into the air, reportedly up to 40 feet (12 meters). “It advanced rapidly,”said fire department deputy chief Roy Mokosso.

Authorities closed off several streets in the surrounding area, along with some intercity highways, due to the fire’s scale.

It is not clear what led to the fire, Mokosso said. The incident is being investigated.

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