Madonna shares post on Instagram of ‘Coronavirus cure‘ from Trump-favored ‘demon sex’ doctor, swiftly gets the platform’s red flag

Instagram has labeled as misinformation a post by Madonna that featured controversial preacher/doctor Stella Immanuel. Apparently, there is something in common between the pop queen and Donald Trump after all.

In her Tuesday night Instagram update, the hyperwoke pop star called Immanuel her hero and embraced her message of standing up to greedy corporations hiding an effective cure for Covid-19 from the frightened masses. “The Truth will set us all Free!” the post said.

Immanuel landed in the public limelight in the US after President Donald Trump and his supporters embraced her claims that antimalaria drug hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) has proven to be an effective cure for coronavirus. Unfortunately for them, it goes against the current medical consensus, which has ruled out HCQ as Covid-19 treatment.

While critics of the president had a field day discovering Dr Immanuel’s past opinions on how dreaming about having sex with demons may cause gynecological problems, social media platforms cracked down on her medical proposals.

Also on Twitter YANKS doctor’s fierce defense of HCQ as Covid-19 ‘cure’ after Trump’s retweet, as skeptics question her credentials

Donald Trump Jr was this week temporarily suspended by Twitter and forced to delete the very same video that Madonna had shared on Instagram. Considering that the singer is known for her animosity towards President Trump, whom she called a “Nazi” and a “sociopath,” a certain irony may be found in the situation.

The pop star felt the wrath of the digital censors too, after her post was labeled as “false information.” Hours later it was removed from Instagram, though it was not immediately clear if this was done by the platform or by Madonna herself.

Also on Nude Madonna calls coronavirus the ‘great equalizer’ in bizarre video, inspires instant mockery

The singer is no stranger to stirring controversy in these times of pandemic. In March she posed naked in a bath and called the disease “the great equalizer” while, two months later, she announced plans to go for a long ride and “breathe in the Covid-19 air” after testing positive for antibodies.

This latest escapade was met with a great deal of eye-rolling, though some creative commenters speculated there must be a deeper layer to the story. Surely hackers hired by some rival artist in Britain make for a better story than Madge falling for a fake cure?

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