James Comey left feeling 'nauseous' watching Jeff Daniels' TV portrayal

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The pivotal scene was played out so perfectly onscreen, Comey was left feeling physically ill.

“He saw it and he was emotional…,” Daniels recalled on U.S. talk show The View.

“Jim Comey was sitting off camera, that was the day I met him, two months into shooting, and he came round the corner and said, ‘Well, you brought it all back: the emotions, the uncomfortableness, the inappropriateness of what I was being confronted with, how I was gonna respond, (how) my mind was worrying. I feel a bit nauseous, to be honest.’”

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Joking about the comment, the Dumb and Dumber star added, “Usually when you tell an actor that their performance made you nauseous, it’s not a good thing, but in this case, it was!”

The Comey Rule, adapted and directed by Captain Phillips screenwriter Billy Ray, premieres on Sunday.