How To Strike A Balance In Real Savings And Extreme Couponing To Save Time And Money

Everyone loves a good deal. Collecting coupons can help you balance your budget and save big, but it can also eat up your time. To succeed at couponing, you’ll need to find a system that helps you get the most bang for your buck without spending all your free time searching for the lowest prices on your favorite products.

Coupons are everywhere

Coupons aren’t just for groceries. In fact, 74.7% of available coupons are for non-food items. Billions are distributed every year, and once you start looking, you’ll begin to spot them everywhere. The bad news? It’s easy to get overwhelmed.

Extreme “couponers” spend huge amounts of time accumulating and using them to amass major savings. While the money saved can add up, collecting paper or online coupons is a time-consuming hobby. It takes time to track down the deals you want or need, organize the coupons based on when you want to buy the product, and find the store carrying the item. You’ll also need to consider the additional time it takes to store the purchased items in your home.

With so many deals to be had, it can be easy to go overboard. The good news? You don’t need to resort to extreme couponing for it to have a positive impact on your budget. It’s easy to find coupons in print publications, on product displays, and posted on coupon-devoted websites. Grocery store websites even let you instantly load their coupons directly onto your loyalty card.

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