How to get clear skin this spring, according to an expert

When it comes to getting (and keeping) a healthy complexion, it’s no secret that drinking a lot of water and protecting your skin with sunscreen top every list of skincare tips. But we wanted to know what are some other things we can do to clear our skin and get that healthy glow? We caught up with Jenn Worley, one of the founders of Face Haus to pick her brain on spring skincare.  

Face Haus’ tagline is “Facials for the People” and their mission is to bring accessible skincare to everyone by removing the fluff of a stereotypical spa that can feel intimidating or only for the elite. With that in mind, we knew Jenn would be just the person to give us the 411 on attaining a flawless complexion during the spring, which can be a difficult time for your skin as temperatures fluctuate and you have to adjust your skincare routine accordingly. 

The first thing Jenn stressed was to spring clean your medicine cabinet. “Products have a shelf life people! You have got to get rid of old products, especially if they’re natural or organic products, because they have a much shorter shelf life.” So that cleanser or cream you loved last year? It’s probably time to toss it.

She also said that the key to getting that natural glow is to “exfoliate and hydrate” and to always take off your makeup. Jenn says she even keeps face wipes on her nightstand for the evenings when she doesn’t have enough energy to do her full skincare regime. Now that sounds like an easy life hack we can get behind.

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