Highway 8 work nearing completion

by Spencer Kemp

Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Maintenance on Highway 8 between Rocanville and Moosomin is nearing completion.

Patrick Book, Senior Communications Consultant with the Saskatchewan Ministry of Highways, says that a section of Highway 8 did not fare well through the winter, prompting the Ministry of Highways to conduct emergency maintenance.

Now that the emergency maintenance is complete, Book says that crews have begun permanent repairs on the rough highway.

“Winter was a little harder on that section of Highway 8 between Highway 1 and Rocanville. There was some significant distress there. We did have emergency repairs that were conducted by crews up until recently and as of last week, Ministry crews have begun conducting more maintenance work on that highway,” said Book

“That’s going to continue in the coming weeks until they are able to patch and seal up to the junction with Highway 308. So that is going to be something we want people to be aware of. Of course, as we know that kind of work on local roads does have an impact on drivers and residents in the area, folks who use the road every day.”

While the work is weather dependant, Book says that crews hope to complete the maintenance within the coming weeks.

“The hope was that it would take two to three weeks but that’s dependant on the conditions that the crews find, the work that needs to be done to bring the roads up to where they need to be, and those external factors that you really can’t predict, like the weather. But the forecast looks good and hopefully we can achieve that goal.”

Book noted a small delay brought on by rain and snow but says the forecast should keep them on track.

Book also reminds drivers to slow down while in construction zones.

“The work is weather dependant and our progress was slowed a little bit by some rain and snow after that work was started. We just ask people to keep in mind that there are warning signs and variable message boards to tell people what the conditions are like and when people are working. We always appreciate when people slow down when they approach work zones and obeying that signage.

“Speed fines are tripled in construction zones in Saskatchewan and that is one aspect people want to consider. We always ask people to think about workers getting home safe and drivers getting home safe just making sure we are slowing down and staying as safe as possible in the orange zone.”