‘Everyone needs to eat — it’s essential’: Orangeville residents launch food drive competition for the holidays

If there’s one sad truth every Christmas, it’s that food banks are always in great need during the holiday season. With even more people ending up in financially precarious positions, it is likely that there will be an even greater strain on these services this year.

With that in mind, Orangeville residents Lauren Moulton and Zac Bryan decided to create the Community Food Bank Competition. Collected items as well as any donations received will go to support the Orangeville Food Bank and the Orangeville OSPCA.

“Normally, I help out in the community by participating in other Christmas programs, but they’re not happening this year,” said Moulton. “I really felt the need to do something this year as well.”

Moulton explained that she selected the food bank after hearing reports on the news about the increased need for donations this season.

“A lot of people still have reduced incomes, and more people are relying on programs such as the food bank,” she said. “Everyone needs to eat — it’s essential.”

The competition started a week ago and functions on a point collection system. Donors receive points based on the approximate monetary value of their donations.

Along with non-perishable food items, pet supplies, cash, and grocery/pet store gift cards can be donated. They are also accepting donations of clothing, including gently used or new winter hats, mitts and scarves, or brand new socks and underwear.

“We’re hoping to collect at least a value of $ 500, but anything more will be fantastic as well,” said Moulton. “It’s going to a great cause, and we appreciate any support.”

The competition ends on Dec. 19, and at that time, eight donors with the highest accumulation of points will be declared the winners. Prizes include items such as Christmas decor, Tim Horton’s gift cards, gift baskets and more.

“I think that for people who are fortunate enough to still be working and who are able to donate, we all really need to pitch in and help this year,” said Moulton.

For more information, you can visit the Community Food Drive Competition Facebook page, or reach out to Moulton directly at laurenmoulton321@gmail.com.