Eric's Missing Scar On 'A Million Little Things' Is Suspicious AF

A Million Little Things is back, but unfortunately for Gary-Maggie shippers, their relationship is not. After breaking things off in the winter finale of the drama series, everyone’s favorite couple was in an awkward place in the latest episode. But, at least Maggie could find a little comfort with her friend Eric, who she met because he received a heart transplant from her late brother. But, a shirtless moment revealed that A Million Little Thing‘s Eric is missing a scar, which is super suspicious since he supposedly has had heart surgery.

Warning: Spoilers about Season 2, Episode 10 of A Million Little Things follow. A Million Little Things is known for throwing surprises at its characters, and it looks like Maggie (Allison Miller) is in for a big one soon. She met Eric (Jason Ritter) earlier this season when she learned that her mom had been in touch with him. Eric told Maggie and her family that he was the recipient of her brother’s heart and that was the starting point for an intimate friendship. In fact, it was so intimate that he was the first person Maggie called after she and Gary broke up. They also took their relationship to another level with a steamy kiss. But, it looks like Eric is hiding a secret that could get in the way of things going any further.


Maggie told Eric that she understands feeling self-conscious about scars since she has her own from surgeries relating to her cancer. Eric nodded along, but after Maggie left, he took off his shirt and revealed that he doesn’t have a scar at all. Either Eric healed almost magically well, or he’s been lying about having Maggie’s brother’s heart.

At the very end of the mid-season finale, Eric was on the phone with a mystery person saying that he would tell Maggie something soon. The identity of that person is still a mystery, but it seems like audiences may have just learned his secret. Maggie is probably not going to take the fact that Eric’s been lying very well. But chances are good that the truth is going to extra juicy.

Season 2 of A Million Little Things continues on Thursday, Jan. 30 at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

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