Eerie CCTV footage shows horrifying images of Ukrainian airliner breaking into pieces in Iran

Security cameras captured the very first seconds of a Ukrainian Boeing 737-800 crash near Tehran, showing the site being strewn with burning debris. A total of 176 people were killed in the deadly incident.

A CCTV camera located close to the crash site, shows the ground being illuminated by a bright flash. A while later, a huge blast rocks the vicinity, with spot fires and wreckage raining down on the ground. Debris can then seen slowly burning out.

Warning! The footage contains scenes that you may find disturbing.

Operated by Ukraine International Airlines (UIA), the Boeing 737-800 – packed with 167 passengers and nine crew – crashed shortly after departing from Imam Khomeini airport in Tehran. Local authorities believe a technical issue, possibly an engine failure, was to blame for the crash that became the deadliest in the modern history of Ukraine.

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RT – Daily news