Debra Messing hits back after she's slammed for Trump 'prison rape' tweet

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However, her follow-up tweet did little to allay the initial criticism of the actress, with journalist Jeryl Bier tweeting: “So, to be ‘clear,’ she’s not using a somewhat flippant prison-boyfriend expression to indicate her disdain for the president, she literally wants him to be raped! Well, ok, that clears things up.”

Another journalist, Eoin Higgins, called Messing “one of the most vile people on this site”, while Manhattan Institute senior fellow Brian Riedl concurred: “There are so many actors, actress, musicians, etc. that I used to like and would continue to like had they never signed up for Twitter. Perhaps not all thoughts need to be blasted out to millions.”

And comedian Robby Slowik tweeted: “I’ve been in this situation at dinner parties where everyone just stares at you blankly after you’re like, ‘Oh no no no you misunderstood me. I was just saying, I think he needs to be violently prison raped. Is that better?’”

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