Daniel Levy promotes University of Alberta’s Indigenous Canada course

“Schitt’s Creek” star and co-creator Daniel Levy is taking a free University of Alberta course called Indigenous Canada — and he wants others to join him.

The Toronto-raised actor, writer and showrunner promoted the online course in a video on his social media.

Levy said he recently signed up for the course, which has 12 lessons that explore Indigenous histories and contemporary issues in Canada.

The university’s website says the course is told from an Indigenous perspective and highlights national and local Indigenous-settler relations.

Levy said he plans to host weekly discussions with the course professors, starting this Sunday afternoon.

The comedy creator is up for four trophies at next month’s Emmy Awards for the CBC comedy “Schitt’s Creek,” which has a total of 15 nominations for its sixth and final season.

“I thought if I am going to sign up and learn, maybe some other people would want to join me and we could do this as a group,” Levy said in his social media video.

“So every week I’m going to be hosting discussions and Q-and-A’s with the profs so that we could better understand and delve deeper into the curriculum.

“Because if you’re anything like me, I was not a good student and I need group support, and I thought this could be a really great way of doing that.”

Levy added: “If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that we need to actively relearn history — history that wasn’t taught to us in school — to better understand and contextualize our lives and how we can better support and be of service to each other.”