CBC cancels Street Legal reboot after six episodes

CBC TV’s revived courtroom drama Street Legal has been dismissed; its final episode airs Monday.

The show only returned to the airwaves last month, but the public broadcaster stated on Twitter on Saturday that “we have made the difficult decision not to continue beyond six episodes. The series resonated with a smaller audience than we had hoped.”

Street Legal became a bona fide hit for CBC in its first run, from 1987 to 1994 and its one-time star Cynthia Dale was onboard for its comeback this year. Dale told the Star that the relaunch “was really a little astounding, an unbelievable gift I never saw coming.”

The decision to bring the show back came on the heels of successful returns for several U.S. TV shows, Roseanne and Will and Grace among them.

Dale responded to the cancellation by tweeting “I will always be head-held-high proud of this show, I will always always know in my gut that it was a really good show, and I will always always always hold the incredible joy we had when we filmed this deep in my heart.”

The CBC called the final episode, airing April 8, a “must-see” for fans.