Blake Jenner apologizes to ex-wife Melissa Benoist for abusive relationship

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He revealed he fell in love with Benoist when he was 20, but their “shared brokenness” doomed the relationship. The couple split in 2017.

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“The passion between us would take us both to some of the most joyous highs, but also to moments of jealousy, bouts of insecurity, and volatility… It was a relationship with a foundation rooted in co-dependency, which had dire consequences. We were both young and left so much of our brokenness to fester for too long.”

Jenner recalled one violent moment during the relationship when he threw a phone at Benoist during a row, hitting her in the face.

“I froze in a state of shock and horror as my then-partner screamed in anguish, her eye immediately swollen shut from the impact of the phone,” the actor added. “It’s a moment that I will regret for the rest of my life.

“She sat there crying and I can only imagine the pain, fear, and shame she must have felt in that moment. If I could do anything to take it back, I would… I am responsible for the pain that I caused her in that moment and beyond. And it is something I am still working on forgiving myself for. Without absolving myself of any responsibility, it is important to understand that there was mental, emotional and physical abuse inflicted from both ends.”

The fight prompted the couple to seek counselling from a therapist, but the sessions were too little too late: “Despite numerous attempts to work our issues out, we would find ourselves stuck in this toxic cycle that our relationship became,” he explained.

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