Bjorkdale adds three new electric speed signs to discourage speeders

Three new solar powered speed signs have been installed throughout the Village of Bjorkdale monitoring the speed of vehicles and saving data for the village.

One sign is located on Forest View Drive, near the turnoff by the school zone off Highway 23.

Another was installed on Hara Avenue coming off of Highway 23 near the Co-op coming into Bjorkdale, and the third was placed on North Hyde Avenue coming into town off Grid 679.

“Village council has recognized that we have had issues in the past with people speeding,” said Nicole Goldsworthy, Bjorkdale’s administrator. “So this is just something they wanted to do to ensure safety for the kids in the community and give a nice little reminder to anyone driving vehicles to slow down.”

The school zone is 30 kilometres per hour while the others are 40.

Goldsworthy said with the data, they can pinpoint specific times and dates where vehicles are speeding more often, compiling trends.

“Village council meets with the RCMP annually and just discusses things and their concerns specific to detail,” she said. “I’m sure with these reports and stuff we would forward it onto them so that they’re aware of specific timeframes.”

The $ 9,638 project was funded through a grant through the SGI Provincial Traffic Safety Fund. The town received 90 per cent of the funds before, with the other 10 per cent expected to be released after a follow up.