Announcement: Mint Has a Fresh New Look on iOS

We know you love Mint, and Mint loves you right back. That’s why we’re updating the iOS app with a refreshed look and feel that features a sleek design, added benefits, and a simplified view of what’s important with your money.

This month, Mint is rolling out a new app experience for iPhone users, featuring exclusive data-driven Mintsights™ to help existing (and new!) users effortlessly stay on top of their savings, expenses and budgeting. The refreshed app will intelligently use all of your financial data to unlock powerful money insights and money-saving offers and will be available to all Mint users in the coming months.

We heard from customers that they wanted to learn more about how to take their financial information and apply actionable steps to help them reach their goals.

Well, guess what? We listened and will use machine learning technology to deliver predictive money-saving offers and actionable insights based on your personal financial history. This means you’ll now see specific insights, recommendations and offers that will help you take your financial success to the next level.

We’re most excited to introduce you to the new Mintsights™ feature – the tool will grow with you over time to help you save more money and find outstanding offers from our trusted partners. Mint is the only app that can help unlock powerful money insights and money-saving offers personalized to your unique situation at your fingertips. Seeing your profile in one place is helpful – receiving personalized insights and offers is even better!

Additionally, the updated design will reorganize your financial data, ultimately cutting down on steps you must take to find information and elevating the most important information for your finances.

Current Mint users will continue to enjoy existing features including bill tracking, budgeting, savings, investments, and checking your credit scores. First-time users will access the new features at or download the mobile app.

Now, let’s take the app for a spin!

With this refresh, Mint will continue to effortlessly organize your money, giving you confidence that you’re on top of your financial health.

Updates to our Android and Web experiences will follow in the coming months, so stay tuned for more updates!

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