Andrew Lloyd Webber’s team wants Donald Trump to stop playing Memory at rallies

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Andrew Lloyd Webber’s team is demanding U.S. President Donald Trump stop using his song Memory at political rallies.

Representatives for the composer told the New York Post’s gossip column Page Six that U.K.-based company, Really Useful Group, has sent a cease-and-desist letter to Trump, after the leader had played the recording at various stops on his campaign trail.

The move comes after original Cats star Betty Buckley last month, who recorded the original version of the song from the hit stage show, urged the composer to stop Trump’s team from playing the tune.

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According to the publication, she offered the tongue-in-cheek suggestion that he should use another song from the show Phantom of the Opera, namely Poor Fool, He Makes Me Laugh.

Buckley and Webber are just the latest recording artists to object to their tunes being played at Trump rallies – R.E.M., Pharrell Williams, Rihanna, Guns N’ Roses, Neil Young, and the estate of Tom Petty are among those who have also objected to Trump’s use of their music.

The Rolling Stones took things a step further last month by threatening a licensing lawsuit via their label if Trump ignores a cease-and-desist.

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